Jewelry Party

At home jewelry parties are a great way to have fun with friends and shop for quality handmade jewelry at the same time! Host one near Griswold, CT today

Hosting a jewelry party has it's benefits

Fun Incentives – just for being a jewelry party host!

Easy right? No waiting for the show to close or wondering what your discount will be. Most of my pendants are around $40 and most of my earrings are under $16, so you can see my handcrafted jewelry is reasonably priced already. Each month is different, so check back often.

$5 coupon with each person who books a party to be used at their at home jewelry parties.

What I do:

  • Help send out invitations via Evite, Facebook, and/or  postcard mailings.
  • Bring my handmade jewelry and displays.  It’s cash and carry, no waiting or shipping concerns.  I guarantee all my products.  I can also take special orders either ahead of time or at your home party.

What you do:

  • Provide a location, invite your friends, and have fun!

If you live within a one hour drive of Griswold, CT, book your at home jewelry party today! If you live in the 15 minute range and can't do the party in your house, co-host the party with me and run it out of my house! Just invite your friends to my address, it's that easy!

Text Lisa at 860-823-7751 or

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