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So, why buy my handmade jewelry? Handmade makes it special. You won't find everyone else wearing exactly the same piece as you. You can feel good about giving it as a gift.  The recipient of my jewelry will feel great knowing you purchased it from an artist in the United States rather than a box accessories store. You will become as obsessed as I am over this jewelry!

Obsessed with jewelry? Great! I'm obsessed with making it!  It's such a versatile accessory. You can perk up your casual tee shirt or add elegance to any outfit. I started selling my unique jewelry handcrafted in my office in 2009.  I was bored with the box store jewelry and wanted something different. Then I realized I wasn't the only one who was searching for something new in jewelry. You are too! Enjoy buying and wearing my Creative Obsession handcrafted jewelry.

There are not enough hours in the day to post every handmade crafted jewelry item on my shopping site. So, if you see something here that you like, just ask. It's either ready to ship or I can make it to your specifications. It's that easy. It's your personal accessories store 860-376-0586, or email me.

Meet the latest member of my handmade craft team!

Doreen works out of her house in Massachusetts. Her handmade crafts are beaded key chains, wrap bracelets, earrings, and all things charms! We are looking to expand my product line and add more variety to your favorites and new obsessions.